AUDIO: “Forward Thinkers” on More 104.7FM – 24 October 2013

Radio More FM 104.7 Afra Raymond chats on the show ’Forward Thinkers‘ with David Walker on 104.7FM, dealing with the CL Financial bailout and my lawsuit against the Minister of Finance to get at the detailed information as to how the $24B in Public Money was spent. 24 October 2013. Audio courtesy More 104.7 FM

  • Programme Date: Thursday 24th October 2013
  • Programme Length: 0:45:41

6 thoughts on “AUDIO: “Forward Thinkers” on More 104.7FM – 24 October 2013

    1. Is a lot more than a $6.5M Firetruck removal or a $2M flag! If we cannot trust the public officials with a $10M, how can we possibly trust them with this $24Bn?!

      What is more, the entire Integrity Framework has been disabled via doing it through the Central Bank, which was already immune from the Freedom of Information Act, gifted in September 2011 with further immunity from any legal challenge or oversight…well, I tell you! None of the CL Financial Directors are filing declarations under the Integrity in Public Life Act, which Directors of ‘bodies controlled by the State‘ are obliged to do.

      Finally, there are no audited accounts and no one can say why that is so or when these will be available…you see?!


  1. thank you much… much info, so valuable, can use in the class for Unit two…corruption being a issue/cultural in Trinidad (Unit is development and social change) Regards, Alicia Carew Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 01:25:18 +0000 To:

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