• Uff Commission

Uff ReportThis is my series on the reconvened Uff Commission, as previously published in the Business Guardian as part of the Property Matters series. Click on the Title links to access the article.

The Uff Report is available here.

Date of Publication Title Abstract
3rd September,2009 The Final Chapter After a necessary and prolonged pause to review other matters of public interest, Property Matters returns to the high-profile Uff Commission as its final hearings are set to begin on Monday 7th September.
10th September, 2009 Foundation Failure? Last week’s Property Matters ended on the note of predicting that ‘amazing scenes would be witnessed’ and here they are, in spades.
17th September, 2009 A Quality Finish? To produce good, lasting results, it is vital that project managers pay particular attention at the closing stages, since the finish is often the most lasting impression which a project can make on its users.
1st October, 2009 A Final Fix? It might seem impossible, but we have been pushed into greater confusion by the events of the fortnight since the last Property Matters appeared.
6th December, 2009 The Final Sitting The controversial Uff Commission is to start the final round of its hearings tomorrow.
17th December, 2009 End Notes on the Uff Commission The Uff Commission ended its hearings last week, amidst even more ‘amazing scenes’.
11th March, 2010 The UDeCOTT Finale The resignation of Calder Hart as Executive Chairman of UDeCOTT and all four other major Boards he chaired is no surprise to me.
8th April, 2010 An overview of the Uff Report This week’s column will therefore comprise an overview of the main concerns raised in the Enquiry and the way in which the Report has handled those.
11th April, 2010 Learning the Lessons of the UdeCOTT fiasco The leaking of the Uff Report, the delayed dismissal of the remaining, ‘squeaky-clean’ UdeCOTT Board members and the dissolution of Parliament are all part of a major distraction operation.
22nd April, 2010 Learning the Lessons of the UDeCOTT fiasco: Part 2 There has been a powerful and positive response to the first column in this series. The reflections continue, as they must.
29th April, 2010 Learning the Lessons of the UDeCOTT fiasco: Part 3 The reflections continue this week, by drawing heavily on the text of the Uff Report and the transcripts of the Uff Commission, to set some of the scandalous facts into context.
6th May, 2010 Learning the Lessons of the UDeCOTT fiasco: Part 4 Last week I promised readers some details of the scale of the failure at the HDC and UDeCOTT. The failure is systemic and exists at every level.
12th May, 2010 Seeing the Big Picture – Learning the Lessons of the SPE fiasco: Part 5 I have set out the key findings of the Uff Report, insofar as the elements of governance go.

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