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Friday October 29, 2010

Episode 2

Afra speaks on the recent competing claims by different interested parties in the CL Financial/CLICO bailout. [Duration: 12:34]

Friday October 22, 2010

Episode 1

Afra speaks on the recent discussions on the CL Financial/CLICO bailout as it represents a threat to the society’s prosperity and an opportunity for the society to do things better and differently. [Duration: 10:32]


2 thoughts on “• In Depth Podcasts

  1. Peace Afra
    I have not see a piece from you in the Guardian recently. Is this of your own making or have the guardian deemed your column surplus to their requirement-ie- fired by the guardian the way Kevin Baldeosingh was fired from Newsday – after Kevin exposed some lying catholic fathers. So much for press freedom.

    1. Hello Clay,

      No such luck for those who are a little uncomfortable with my fact-based approach, but thanks for your concern.

      I have been very busy with two other aspects of my life, hence the necessary delay. I am writing today for the Sunday Guardian and also plan to be in next week’s Business Guardian.


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