CL Financial bailout – Lawsuit against Minister of Finance

This is my reply to the Ministry’s affidavit of 12 July which seemed to rely on the fact that CL Financial is a private company to refuse publication of the requested information.

Of course that line of reasoning is yet another emerging threat to our country’s Integrity Framework, so our reply challenges the validity of this assertion.

At our hearing on 1 October, Justice Boodoosingh ordered me to formally notify CL Financial and we have done that, so at our hearing earlier today, CL Financial were represented by a team led by Stephen Singh and various dates were set, with our next hearing on 27 February 2014.  Of course that is the very Carnival week, so stay tuned. I expect there will be significant other developments well before that.


5 thoughts on “CL Financial bailout – Lawsuit against Minister of Finance

  1. Hey afra I call these stall tactics delayed justice and it will all come to fruition in 2014 they can run but can’t hide it is the year of redemption keep your head up, you are a soldier of righteousness When is your next live forum? Great job!

    1. Thank you for your supportive remarks, Gail…the larger picture is indeed in need of dedicated exposure, given the flagrant corruption being exhibited there…Please spread the word…

      Remember – Silence is the Enemy of Progress!

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