VIDEO: Time to Face the Facts about Caribbean Corruption – 26 May 2013

This is the interview on Caribbean Corruption for ‘Time to Face the Facts‘ which was broadcast out of Barbados-based Caribbean Media Corporation on Sunday 26th May 2013.

The audience was regional via cable and global via their Facebook page. The interviewer is Jerry George and the format was a live call-in. Video courtesy Jerry George

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:


7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Time to Face the Facts about Caribbean Corruption – 26 May 2013

  1. Hi there Afra… We saw your interview recently on Carib Vision and continue to admire the in-your-face manner with which you are confronting the issue of corruption. God knows that the only way to deal with it is to create dialogue Nationwide that will bring about some degree of responsibility in the public trust. A point that should be emphasized is that greed eventually backfires on ALL so that the greedy, corrupt being must live a life behind bars ‘of his own making’ simply because he did not have the sense to share the wealth more equitably, choosing to hog all for himself by fair means or foul. Another point to be hammered home is the link between crimes from top to bottom i.e. the relationship between white-collar crimes and those on de ground. Yet a third point to be made is the responsibility of the Media and Advertising Agencies as well as Professional Bodies like Business, Law, Medicine etc. to LEAD BY EXAMPLE and thereby set an ethic of Pride, Discipline and Responsibility for our Trinidad and Tobago. RhonaB.


  2. Hello Afra,

    Thanks for the reminders. Like many people, some of these things escape my consciousness until they are put in perspective in a forum like this. Unfortunately, for many other people it matters not.

    For those of us determined to make this spot of dirt a better place for all of us, please continue the fight.


  3. Hello Afra,
    Corruption is older than prostitution, it is world-wide. It has been present since the first three humans formed a group. Personal opinion: people are born with this trait to steal. The thief -gene shows up when those individuals are in a position of trust where they are in charge of or are care- takers of money, merchandise or something from which they can end up with money that is not theirs. It seems that they feel entitled to all monies they can scam off.

    Look at the evidence of the world….in any country, in any community, in any race and any gender ; corruption exist. In politics it is rampant rampant in investment brokers, rampant in government run businesses, rampant in large business, even religious groups and small households are not immune to corruption. Hundreds of books are written about this subject.

    Your job is not easy, it takes incredible investigation and diligence for a person to navigate and move around the obstacles corrupted indiiduals put up…(esp in government and large businesses) to get to the truth.
    Thank you for doing this work, it is, on all levels, difficult.
    Ellenn Skaii

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