Response to Attorney General’s excuse for Procurement promulgation

Delaying the Procurement Law is Wrong! ‘rong like a Crix Biscuit!

This is my short video on the Attorney General’s Media Conference on Wednesday, 22 June 2022, and why we need to do better.

Please watch and Share – remember that Silence is the Enemy of Progress!

  • Programme Date: 26 June 2022
  • Programme Length: 00:05:34

8 thoughts on “Response to Attorney General’s excuse for Procurement promulgation

  1. It’s really hard to get around the basic contentions outline by brother Afra…Let’s see what they come with..

  2. Afra

    I am grateful that you continue to prosecute this.

    So disappointed with all of them. They seem intent on doing their worst.

    Warm regards Merryl

  3. Only excuses excuses excuses to mask a lack of will. We’re now heading toward a 10 year delay? Give me a break. They’re willing to bypass due process to “fast track” a bill for the interception of communication and attack public servants in the process but refuse to buckle down to proclaim such a critical piece of legislation. Again, give me a break.

  4. Greetings All,

    Clearly a certain familiarity with the specifics of the T&T public law and public finance terrains will help in following Brother Afra’s excellent piece. But the proper, honest and speedy management of public procurement matters is a if not the core issue in the fight against corruption. Thanks Brother Afra! Keep up the good, informed and informing work. Cecil.

  5. Afra, whilst I fully support your thrust to have the requisite procurement legislation passed and consider it paramount, the real and much bigger issue is the process of determining the value and defined and declared benefits of any project to our country and people. If a project such as the Toco Port without any needs assessment, any environmental impact study and no business case is thrust forward, what then is the real value of procurement legislation. I submit to you that with the best procurement legislation in place if useless projects such as the Toco Port are thrust upon us, the waste and corruption will continue unabated.

    1. Hi Michael, There is a requirement for a Needs Assessment before any procurement so that new system will protect us from these foolish and expensive schemes, or is it better to say projects?

  6. Once again, and having neutered that bill, our legislators become deferment specialists and our moribund masses, who pay them and pay for their errors, will foot the short and long term costs of these structured inefficiencies. Procurement fed the enslavement of our ancestors, yet we consume its machinations, overt speculations and corrupt, toxic principles. The profits from the Tobago Marriott…

  7. If this legislation can stop the Toco scheme “project” and others our people have to rise up and voice their disagreement. We have to stop throwing good money after bad. Let’s get the 29 pager and see why they want it delayed.

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