VIDEO: T&T Post Budget 2020/2021 Review

Dike Rostant interviewed Afra Raymond on the 2021 budget in which he covered the delay in proclaiming the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act; the Public Private Partnerships; the proposals for HDC housing (affordable?); the level of State rents and the fact that Information and Transparency are essential Public Goods. Video courtesy TTT

  • Programme Date: October 6, 2020
  • Programme Length: 00:18:51

4 thoughts on “VIDEO: T&T Post Budget 2020/2021 Review

  1. Excellent, as always.

    How our money is handled is absolutely the major issue. I have also been reminding the public that Rowley promised that as Prime Minister he would implement the Uff recommendations, which by and large do not require parliamentary approval.


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  2. Thanks Afra,so great to see and hear you at last!!You are synonymous with so many issues ,not the least of which is the overdue proclamation of the Procurement Law.As for the 2021 budget,the albatross is on the necks of the ordinary man in the street,while the politicians live it up .Something will eventually give,we are not all in this together at all.

  3. It is abundantly clear to me that the 1% and its puppet parliament is determined to maximise the rewards of the treasury loot by delaying this bill. Gas, agriculture, health, education and others within the new normal funnel mega profits to the one percent and strangles the lowest stratum of the rest so that we are again physically and psychologically enslaved. Here too they reap the rewards during and after this facade called Covid is laid to rest. The immunisation- the bill- is not theirs so every attempt to bury it will be found.
    Thank you for your intellectual reincarnation Afra.

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