VIDEO: Sandals Tobago and You: What you Need to Know – An analysis

tobago-mou-posterAfra Raymond was at the Scarborough Public Library in Tobago on 13 December 2018 to speak on his successful Freedom of Information request to see the Memorandum of Understanding between the T&T government and the Sandals Group to develop and run a Sandal/Beaches resort in Tobago. His analysis of the MoU was discussed and Q&A followed.

Programme Date: 13 December 2018
Programme Length:  01:40:58


8 thoughts on “VIDEO: Sandals Tobago and You: What you Need to Know – An analysis

  1. So you should not analyse the appropriate document/s as you do not live in Tobago???But it is public monies being used to fund the entire project and the majority of tax payers who will shoulder the repayment burden live in Trinidad.In any case I thought it was T&T.

  2. Reblogged this on dennise demming and commented:
    Each citizen has a responsibility to be vigilant . We CANNOT allow such huge investments without understanding the implications for the future. This is worth investing the time to be educated and informed.

  3. I suspect that Dennise has not been paying attention. Clico’s fiscal fiasco is still a conundrum, Petrotrin is hydra-headed four times, TSTT and WASA are on board, yet the expenditure on alcohol, drugs and other vital supplies continue into our Xmas-ival ‘dry’ season.

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