TEDx Talks: Is it only White People who can be racist?

In this provocative talk, Afra Raymond takes a deeper look at race and racism. He successfully uses the talk to place a new perspective on how we think about race and its role in corruption. TEDxPortofSpain. 14 October 2015.

6 thoughts on “TEDx Talks: Is it only White People who can be racist?

  1. Sobering commentary on the sad reality of how things happen or don’t happen in our society. The comparison with India and Nigeria make it all the more haunting. We have failed and we have to do better.

  2. Truly grateful for your efforts, Afra. We should all be more vigilant and try to understand the real issues that confront us as a society and not be so easily led, so gullible, so keen to pick a side on the basis of utterly irrelevant considerations and base fallacies.

    1. Thanks, David…the obvious obfuscation is now apparently a norm in how we discuss important matters…it is increasingly difficult to keep discussions on track with so many well-crafted distractions being introduced so that in no time flat the entire issue can be trivialised, if we are not vigilant…

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