Order granting leave to file judicial review in Afra Raymond vs Ministry of Finance and the Economy

order-tiltThis is the Order by Justice Boodoosingh to grant me the right to have the Judicial Review heard in Court…our first hearing is set for 1 May 2013


7 thoughts on “Order granting leave to file judicial review in Afra Raymond vs Ministry of Finance and the Economy

  1. Well done Afra for not relinquishing your right for answers. Positive thoughts and vibrations will be with you and your team for your assigned mission. “If you can’t bring Mohammad to the mountain bring the mountain to Mohammad” This will show the powers that be that they are not above the law!
    That said, I will be pending the anticipated positive outcome. Exciting, its like the re-opening of Pandora’s Box of mythology, the flames of evil may be finally contained or quenched in this instance.
    Wonder what the fall out and penalty will be in the long run?

    Best to you.

  2. Reblogged this on Barbados Underground and commented:
    We have started to hear whispers in Barbados about the need to  initiate Judicial Reviews (JRs) targeted at a few questionable decisions which have been taken by government. A JR is a “doctrine under which legislative and executive actions are subject to review (and possible invalidation) by the judiciary” (Wikipedia). Ordinarily such action should not be required if a relevant transparency legislative framework is enacted.
    While Barbadians are thinking about it, T&T blogger and social commentator Afra Raymond has taken the bold step to ask the T&T court to grant leave to file a JR against the Ministry of Finance and the Economy. The only way to hold our governments accountable is for us citizens to fully participate in the avenues which our democratic system of government affords us.
    BU and others will be following Afra’s progress with interest. Congrats Afra!

  3. Yes, Roger, Colleagues…thanks for your support…this is an individual’s effort to represent our collective interests…

    I will be making a further challenges to the established, rotten order of utter unresponsibility, so please stay tuned…

    If we let this last 15 years of complete commesse pass away like ‘nutten-happen’ we deserve every oonks of sorrow…the info and the laws are there…the question is if we are ready to insist that those are applied without fear or favour…I know that I am!



  4. An independent and impartial judiciary is fundamental to social and economic betterment. But it falls upon US to press for the right cases to be brought before it, and that it be done under approved and legally sanctioned procedures. Keep up the good work, AR!!

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