3 thoughts on “Media Integrity Too webcast

  1. Disturbing……..good summation…..puts things into perspective, the police actions seemingly represent a new trend. Join this with Deosaran’s complaint yesterday about the lack of respect from the Police Commissioner and the pictures becomes even more disturbing.

  2. Media manipulation of news is not new, but there are disturbing new aspcts that need to be addressed. On a number of occasions in the 80’s when I was a guest columnist with The Express, I submitted material that they were not yet aware of. They suppressed the columns, so that they could do a news item first, then behave as if my “commentary” was done after the fact. I could prove it without doubt in one specific case.
    I was a fresh new voice in an older head, stirring up stuff. On other occasions, columns and letters that I sent to all the papers were published under other people’s names. Whenever I called the paper on it, my concern was greeted with silence. So, I would say the downhill slide began then, but like an avalanche, it picks up speed, rushing ahead, out of control. If those who should be concerned about the state of our democracy as it goes, are only concerned with seeing the bogeymen of partisanship, we will be unable to climb out of the tar pit into which we are sinking.I hope this broadcast is a shot acros the bows, for the freedoms we have taken for granted for so long, and for the perception, that too many of the “Mr. Bigs” in the society are too big for the police to find, and charge, untouchables at the upper end of the corruption scale. The political directorate gives the direction, be assured of that.

  3. Afra,
    This is a direct reflection of media exploitation. Lloyd Best was vocal on this issue but he was castigated for his language not his facts. Noam Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent” and his “Distorted Morality” instructs similarly on You Tube but we have a culture of reading sports and fashion because thinking is hard work. 1984 by George Orwell and Keith Smith’s “All for Freedom” in The Best of Keith Smith have the same sentiments. We have to free ourselves mentally and with an education system that ignores the child for the syllabus and all else we can expect cyclic perpetuation. The macro-plan is economic and development is structural so they must be imported. Travel and foreign certificates matter and the people become voters once in five years and for that bribed time of racial divisiveness we are called de-mock-racy. Money talks on Wall Street despite the Inside Job documentary that exposed the inappropriateness of that business. I guess we should support our ‘Wala Wala brothers’ in some scheme and stop rocking the boat or heed Dr Samaroo’s call to arms in today’s Express http://www.trinidadexpress.com/news/_Another_uprising_possible_-140821153.html. The show must go on

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