VIDEO: First Up Interview – 6 March 2012

JCC President Afra Raymond speaks on Procurement revelations in the Parliamentary debate on No-Confidence in the Prime Minister on First Up with Paul Richards and Jessie-May Ventour.

  • Programme Air Date: 6 March 2012
  • Programme Length: 0:26:32

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: First Up Interview – 6 March 2012

  1. This exposes, once again, the persistence of policy opacity backed by oral transparency in a partnership (then and now) that is still promising but not delivering.
    Please note that from the Education Facilities Company Limited EFCL and the Invaders Bay Project to the unpublished report from the extensive Piarco Commission of Inquiry and the hidden or non-existence of maintenance costs for public institutions, the public has received no clear accounts regarding expenditure and procurement on the one hand to the closure and therefore growth or growth potential on the other hand. Perhaps the electoral process and or the entire system of governance needs reform. Until the public is conscious that its role of affirmation through silence (thus consent) on these issues, they will continue to flourish.

  2. Chris,

    The policy is clear, the real shame about the situation is that it is all there, but only implemented/applied in a selective fashion.

    There is actually existing law to put many of these ills right, but we are trying to put a new Public Procurement system in place to remove the huge administrative discretion which exists at present.

    Thanks for joining-in and please keep-on spreading the word.


  3. Thanks for the information. The system of governance needs reform, I agree but government after government have not done the necessary. Where do we go from here? Perhaps some of us, our eyes have only now opened. The past regime is merited for many improper unaccounted expenditure. Can anyone give me the breakdown of costs incurred for the some time ago 1million dollar flag?

    Thanks again.


    1. Just click onto the ‘view more’ button and once the next page opens, click the TV screen….Thanks

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