VIDEO: Caribbean Economic Forum – The CLICO Debacle

This is the video of the segment from the show Making A Difference with Felipe Noguera called Caribbean Economic Forum. Appearing with guest Afra Raymond was David Walker, another prominent analyst on the CLICO debacle. Video courtesy Making a Difference

  • Programme Air Date: January 2012
  • Programme Length: 0:20:14

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Caribbean Economic Forum – The CLICO Debacle

  1. Afra,
    Once again we see and hear, in fragments, what the problems are; their illegal status, their destructive potential and the consequences of our silence and inaction.
    Do we need a new institution in which we can transfer our funds because the current ones are untrustworthy?
    Do we need an electoral process in which we can fire, incarcerate and force to repay, political representatives and others who misappropriate our taxes?
    Do we restructure the principles of economic education and practice at all levels so that these conundrums do not recur?
    We can assemble like minds who can initiate these changes so that others can see our collective recommendations tangibly constructed.
    Forums for the complete discussion and explanation of these issues should be created free of the time constraints of these television programmes.

    1. Many Thanks for taking time-out for this on ‘Fantastic Friday’, Chris…

      I have a new one on Media Integrity for later today…

  2. It will not persist as a Fantastic Friday if we pretend that the threats to our daily lives are not anchored by these decisions and their lack.

    The “default position” is what so many unprincipled leaders thrive on and so we must create a permanent block to as many of those default opportunities as we possibly can.

    You are a well informed thorn in their faces and it is almost comical to observe those suppressed indignations that are plain to see on the faces of the affected ones at the tribunals.
    Keep it up

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