VIDEO: African Association Credit Union of T&T webinar

This is the post-budget webinar presented by the African Association Credit Union of T&T, hosted by Colvin Blaize (Licenced Land Surveyor & Attorney-at-Law). Other guests were Brian Manning MP, Minister in the Ministry of Finance & the Economy and Esric Huggins (Valuation Surveyor) who spoke on the Property Tax. I spoke on Public Procurement & Disposal of Public Property Act delays. Video courtesy AACTT

  • Programme Length: 02:13:32 My presentation begins at 31:55
  • Programme Date: 31 October 2020

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: African Association Credit Union of T&T webinar

  1. I especially note the thoroughness of our elected representatives with the detailed valuation of residential property taxes despite previous assertions that corporate and industrial assessments would have been done first and residential assessments last. This is in the horrifyingly stark contrast to their disapproval of the January 2020 agreed regulations of the scrupulously constructed and legislated Public Procurement Act 1 of 2015, only as it affects those whose obscenely overinflated incomes drain our taxes. Afra had painstakingly explained how the activation of this law will assist in plugging the financial leaks of state funds only to have our caring leaders wanting now to erase those sections responsible for the curbing of those leaks as testimony of their puppetry to the rich landlords who own state lands de facto and who therefore will determine how much and how often their payments will be made.

    Manning’s excuses about the busyness of his colleagues are as solid as ice in the sun. We are in December and the PNM’s stated objections are nothing but gobar designed to adjourn the execution of the law they approved. The billions wasted by successive administrations are never ‘resolvably’ addressed. Remember that Afra was at the forefront of saving us from Sandals, the corruption involved in the acquisition of the Movie Towne site, the Las Alturas, Clico and Piarco airport scandals. Must we drag a ratified law through that turbid morass? Let us exhume Dana as DPP.

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