VIDEO: Keep It Real on Synergy TV – 8 November 2020

Afra Raymond did this interview on ‘Keeping it Real‘ on Synergy TV with Denice Ramdhan and Andy ‘Pitbull’ Williams to discuss the delay in finalising and implementing the new Public Procurement law. Video courtesy Synergy TV.

  • Programme Date: Sunday 8th November 2020
  • Programme Length: 01:21:03. Interview Starts at 47:01
Keeping It Real Talk Show | Sunday 8th October 2020

One thought on “VIDEO: Keep It Real on Synergy TV – 8 November 2020

  1. Ownership belongs to the 1% and soon we will be charged for oxygen. Theoretically you are right, Afra, but historically rulers, who have created laws to explain the Ten Commandments, have not subscribed to the ethics they proclaim. Legal procrastination or adjournments have always supported corruption, exploitation and the crass abuse of power. Capitalism dominates and all our decisions are underpinned by mythical costs designed to make complex, basic and simple principles. By the time this law is passed our brilliant lawmakers will have worked out, tested and polished loopholes to sustain their immoral practices. Immunization for the masses works with or without our consent.
    Crazy’s sane proclamation is my mantra:
    Merry Xmas

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