VIDEO: Bussin’ Files 4: Affordable Housing

Afra Raymond has a public meeting on affordable housing and questions whether the government is actually serious about proving affordable public housing based on the track record of high end and expensive construction projects over the last decade and a half.

  • Programme Length: 01:02: 48
  • Programme Date: 30 September 2019



One thought on “VIDEO: Bussin’ Files 4: Affordable Housing

  1. We are not equal before the law. Social and economic justice is as much a myth as the commonwealth. The unequal distribution of wealth is the capitalistic motto. Pat Bishop is right in principle that none crosses the Rubicon until all cross and some have to be carried, except that the bridge over that grand canyon is owned, gated and monitored by those who piously proclaim equality and sadistically sustain divisiveness.

    Using eleven point sixty-six billion TT dollars to construct 13,617 houses in 16 years minus the land value and minus subsidies equals corruption. As Afra cites about state and private joint exercises in NYC, they never favour or attempt to accommodate those that they displaced. The hatred of Russia is another public ruse, like 9-11, as trade between them never stopped despite the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) agreements that we not honoured. The Cold War-1947 to 1991 reinforced internal and external military power for both countries. Afra is right that the dissolution of social institutions is global despite UN claims to the contrary.

    Lotteries are legalised scams and the promulgation of Way Way, Whapi and other communal money gambles by the state teaches us that those structures are being dismantled. Housing for the masses, like education for all and water for all, is a global farce. Statistics, like those Afra cites from the NHA’s online site, are very often cooked to create a facade rather than to reflect the facts offered by its CEO. Duplicity at every level is the new status quo so that no one is shocked at busted files. In fact many speculate about hidden agendas, because that is the norm. Equality is impossible because we differ within and without, but justice should not be impossible.

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