VIDEO: Interview with i95.5 FM on FoI, etc. – 16 July 2019

i95.5fm logoAfra Raymond was interviewed by Ralph Maraj on i95.5 FM on Tuesday, 16 July 2019 about the Freedom of Information Act in Trinidad and Tobago in light of Mr Raymond’s win in court to get further information in the CL Financial bailout. Following on from that victory, he also discusses research conducted on public housing using information gleaned from prior Freedom of Information requests. Video courtesy i95.5 FM

Programme Length: 00:42:43
Programme Date: 16 July 2019


One thought on “VIDEO: Interview with i95.5 FM on FoI, etc. – 16 July 2019

  1. Affordable housing is a metaphor that transfers the characteristics of impoverishment onto those of us who live lifestyles above our means and so cannot afford to waste their incomes on housing. Our government empathises with them and uses their taxes to build them homes. The poor pay so much less than they do and that rationalises the expenditure in their favour.

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