“Our Season of Reflection in this Information War” is the theme of this episode of the continuing conversations and revelations on the Trinidad and Tobago society. Topics exposed include Open Contract, Tobago Sandals, CLF Bailout, media responsibility, the power of information and data. Video courtesy PixelPlay Media

  • Programme Date: 25 September 2018
  • Programme length: 01:04:07

One thought on “VIDEO: Bussin’ Files 3: Our Season of Reflection in this Information War

  1. If awards were to be given for integrity, you, Afra will be my first nominee. As a teacher, i am elated by the suppressed or latent levels of integrity that emerge from many of my students and by extension, those they commend for selfless work. The Caribbean prospers because of the humility, generosity and humanity of its several benevolent unpaid contributors to our daily lives. From the unasked feeding of the children of violated children by others who do without a meal, to those who will abandon house and family and flee rather than involve themselves as whistle-blowers since silencing the latter has become a core component of managerial skill training. Like pan-pushers in the past, many considered it an honour to be allowed the privilege to be associated with the steelband movement or communal steel-orchestra. Today rewards must accrue to to anyone who is asked to assist with chores at home…. Unrewarded activities are deemed as slave labour and the receipt of verbal appreciation is scoffed and scorned even by paid employees. Is Gayelle allowed to re-produce these videos?

    This core group that I identified initially, will emerge in support of any movement that has this nation and region’s growth as its major objective. I am hoping to be an active participant but that movement is cocooned like the Arctic Woolly-bear Moth, awaiting for the season to become ripe. I own a copy of “For Bread, Justice and Freedom,” but it remains virginal on my bookshelf.

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