VIDEO: Property Tax interview on Morning Brew – 29 May 2018

CNC3 LogoHema Ramkissoon on CNC3’s The Morning Brew spoke with Chartered Surveyor Afra Raymond about the Property Tax. Mr Raymond said the Tax is not a new tax. Video courtesy CNC3

Programme Date: 29 May 2018
Programme Length: 00:17:38


One thought on “VIDEO: Property Tax interview on Morning Brew – 29 May 2018

  1. My friend Afra is coming across as if he is acting for the Minister of Finance and has abandoned all neutrality and professional intergrity on the nuances of the Property Tax. He continues to make deliberate errors and false deductions. When people’s ownership of property is open for all to see then it infringes their right to privacy and invites the bandits to demand ransoms based on ownership of property. This is totally unfair because people’s business is in the street. He has not said anything critical of the tax but uses false and misleading analogies to justify and justify the tax when since the beginning of 2010 there was no law in force to collect or to make property owners liable to pay taxes. The how come he arrives at a $5bn tax foregone by house owners> What about the 250,000 properties that did not pay tax even before 2009? He referred to the business men but they make profits on their investments and they are different from the house-owners. He is guilty of peddling untruths and appears as a Trojan horse doing the political work and using the media to do the PR for the Government. Has he disclosed whether his firm has received contracts to undertake the valuation exercise? I cannot understand how a professional person can be sticking out his neck to defend the Minister of Finance who himself is a disaster in explaining the operations and implementation of the PT of 2009 as amended.

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