AUDIO: The Afra Mandate on i95.5 FM

i95.5fm logoThis is my interview with Mariano Browne and Ardene Sirjoo on I95.5FM on Friday 5th May 2017 on Property Tax and the TSTT agreement to purchase Massy Communications. Audio courtesy i95.5 FM

Programme Date: 5 May 2017
Programme Length: 00:38:23


2 thoughts on “AUDIO: The Afra Mandate on i95.5 FM

  1. Afra you have made it very clear. Land Management is the issue, not the tax.

  2. Thanks for clarification on the Property Tax. If we are to improve infrastructure in our country we need to pay for it. We need to disabuse ourselves of the freeness syndrome. The right bodies to collect and spend this money are the Corporations who are close to and can more easily be held accountable by communities they serve. At present it is most difficult to know who to call if there is a problem.
    On the matter of TSTT – No self respecting businessperson is going to subject him/herself to the machinations of politicians who more often or are ignorant of what business is about let alone any particular business. Petrotrin is a prime example of such and has been run into the ground by self serving directors in cahoots with politicians. And the country suffers.

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