VIDEO: Afra Raymond at Tobago Benchmark Symposium on 18 Aug 2016

tobago-benchmark-flyerTobago Benchmark hosted a symposium on the “Impact of Sandals Resort on Tobago and No Man’s Land” on Thursday 18th August 2016 at the Buccoo Community Center. Afra Raymond was one of the guest speakers, focusing his talk on the “underlying commercial arrangements” which no one likes to talk about. Examples throughout the Caribbean are seemingly secret, but there are examples from Trinidad and Tobago that can set a context for what is important as opposed to what is merely interesting. Video courtesy Tobago Benchmark.

Read the post on “Property Matter – Sandals Tobago?” for more context.


2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Afra Raymond at Tobago Benchmark Symposium on 18 Aug 2016

  1. Dear Afra, What we need in Tobago is not New York, concrete and steel with all those big time hotels. Small is beautiful. We need for the tourists to see goats and cows foraging the grass and the mother hen with her 10 chicks clucking, cheeping and crossing the road. This is sacrosanct/spiritual – no longer existing in the New World.

    We need more of the old time huts, thatch roofs with old lumber and so on to take us back in time – how we were. The commercialization of tourism in Tobago with the Sanders type development will destroy its attractiveness and Tobago will be one of a million like itself – no difference. It is when you are different that you are attractive.

  2. Aye Raymond,

    Drop me a one line on the latest with CL Financial and the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago. For some reason I think Colonialism is still here.



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