AUDIO: The Showdown Show Interview, i95.5FM – 6 April 2014

Afra Raymond is interviewed on the ‘Showdown‘ show on i95.5FM about the public procurement legislation recently laid in parliament. 6 April 2014. Audio courtesy i95.5FM

  • Programme Date: Sunday, 6th April 2014
  • Programme Length: 0:38:25 + 0:48:59

Part 1:
Part 2:


3 thoughts on “AUDIO: The Showdown Show Interview, i95.5FM – 6 April 2014

  1. Great work Afra. We listened to the radio interview. Tell me – why did PNM shelve the White Papers? And will the apathy of the Nation ever change the ethic from government to government? Seems to me that today is a repeat of yesterday? However I admire your tenacity and if not you –  who? r.

    1. Hello Rhona,

      Thanks for your supportive remarks – it is important to note that this is not an individual effort, but is an example of effective teamwork.

      The JCC is an umbrella-group representing the interests of the professional associations of surveyors, architects, engineers, planners, contractors and facilities managers. The JCC is part of the Private Sector/Civil Society group, whose other members are – T&T Chamber of Industry & Commerce; T&T Manufacturers’ Association; T&T Transparency Institute; American Chamber of Commerce; Federation of Independent Trades Unions & NGOs and the Local Content Chamber. That is an unprecedented coalition of seven groups campaigning for these vital new laws to govern State transactions in Public Money.

      Thanks again and please spread the word.


  2. Afra,

    Thanks for this. It’s great that you could get copies like this for sharing with those who miss the live broadcasts. Continue to do good work.


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