VIDEO: Morning Edition 10 December 2012

Afra Raymond chats with Fazeer Mohammed on the Morning Edition show giving a year end wrap up of issues including the Colman Commission and The CL Financial bailout. Video courtesy TV6

  • Programme Air Date: 10 December 2012
  • Programme Length: 0:31:49

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Morning Edition 10 December 2012

  1. Well done Afra Raymond. Excellent exchange and update on this financial plague which has been an enigma to the public at large. There seems to be more questions than one will ever get answered too truthfully. There are more smoke screens and mirrors when it comes to debunking the finite details that lead to this elaborate “Ponzi Scheme”. White collar crime is at large world wide and the laws and constitution written too many years ago protects these criminals (crime animals).This has to change. You are the voice of many who seek answers and who have lost financially in this predicament. Keep up the good work “for in due season you will reap the harvest of truth.”

  2. Reblogged this on Barbados Underground and commented:
    There is a healthy interest by Barbadians in the CLICO Affair as in unfolds in the T&T parent market. A catastrophic failure of local and regional regulatory and political systems. Listen to searching interview by Fazeer Mohammed (known more in Barbados as a cricket commentator) and Afra Raymond, a vocal Trinidadian commentator leading the effort for transparency in the CLICO matter.

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