VIDEO: Early Morning Interview – 4 May 2012

JCC President Afra Raymond appeared on Early Morning with Hema Ramkissoon to discuss ‘Government fails to deliver?’; a question on the minds of the construction industry. 04 May 2012. Video courtesy CNC3

  • Programme Air Date: 4 May 2012
  • Programme Length: 0:16:18

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Early Morning Interview – 4 May 2012

    1. Thank you, Ron – please spread the word…

      The challenge which is upon us is to change our deeply-ingrained culture of lying and stealing, not to mention helping-out yuh friends and family…

      We need to make it clear that this transformation is both necessary and possible…We have done the required work in our Private Sector/Civil Society group to create a new draft Public Procurement law which conforms with international best-practice and will actually save our country immense sums of Public Money. Generations to come will thank us for these efforts, so we need to press on…even the greatest opponents of our proposals know that our cause is the right thing to support.

      The Private Sector/Civil Society group comprises JCC, T&T Chamber of Commerce, TTMA and the T&T Transparency Institute. We have also had formal endorsement of our proposals from AMCHAM and FITUN.

      Thank you for your support, Ron – please tune-in, log-on and subscribe.


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