VIDEO: Afra Raymond testimony in the Colman Commission, Day 1

This shows the attempts by various parties to object to my showing the PowerPoint presentation…some of those parties and their attorneys include –

  • Central Bank – represented by London-based Bankim Thanki QC
  • Lawrence Duprey – represented by London-based Andrew Mitchell QC
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers – represented by Russell Martineau SC, former Attorney General and former President of the Law Association
  • Andre Monteil – represented by Martin Daly SC, Sunday Express columnist and former President of the Law Association

It is really instructive to consider the various arguments put forward by these parties in an attempt to limit my testimony and ultimately to deny it the benefit of clear illustration via PowerPoint.

There is going to be a real struggle to show the information on this series of financial and economic crimes.  That information needs to be shown in as digestible a form as possible, which was the point of my presentation.

Between the strong opposition of the parties who were at the centre of the crisis and the refusal of the government to fund multi-media facilities, we have a fight on our hands to get at the facts.


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