Property Matters – The EFCL Query part 5

On Wednesday 21st September I received this letter dated 15th September from EFCL’s attorney together with the Confidentiality Policy Agreement I had requested on 5 September 2011 under the Freedom of Information Act.

As readers can see, this is exactly the document posted as part of the first story in this series, published in the Sunday Guardian on 9th July 2011.  Which means that my essential assertions remain unanswered in that staff who are forbidden to disclose the existence of an agreement would be unable to get external advice on it, without being in breach.  Which has the real effect of giving this document an oppressive flavour.

Of course it also puts into question the assertion in Lalla’s first letter to me, that this new EFCL policy was “…consistent with what obtains in many companies…” Literally unbelievable.  Obviously.

I can only hope that this policy was not approved by our Ministry of Education.

But we will revert to EFCL after the budget season…readers can draw their own conclusions.


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