Termination of services

CNMG termination letterThis is the letter CNMG sent to discontinue the two programmes I was contracted to do with them – a weekly editorial on Friday mornings and a one-hour current affairs program on alternate Sundays .  It was FAXed to me at 16:13pm on Thursday 4th November, but backdated to 1st November.

So, let us see…

  1. Ingrid Isaac, the former CEO was said to have ‘resigned’ on Wednesday 27th October – the same day Ken Ali is said to have started as Interim CEO – see CNMG’s version of events here – http://www.ctntworld.com/LocalArticles.aspx?id=24248
  2. I was ‘discontinued’ on 4th November and
  3. Fazeer Mohammed was re-positioned/offered a new position etc on 6th November…
Ken Ali

All to say that nobody was fired, is just that a number of people are no longer there, but no one was fired and more to the point, I see a report in this morning’s Express newspaper that Ken Ali said “I really have nothing more to say to the media on this matter.”  I could scarcely believe what was on the page before me and hopefully there is a misprint.

Ken, please do confirm to us that you did not say that…


23 thoughts on “Termination of services

  1. Things change and remain the same. Whatever became of the campaign promise that there would be no witch hunt and there would be no jobs for the boys. What was the reasoning behind getting rid of Ingrid, she was not a political appointee, did she not apply and was interviewed? What was the reason for bringing in Ken Ali, did he apply and was interviewed? And of Afra being ‘discontinued’?
    I quote David Rudder:- “Welcome to the same ole, same ole”
    Politics at its best, one more time.

  2. This is not what our country needs! Do we need to go back to the days of marching for equality and justice in the hot sun or the pouring rain. Is this the way forward?

    We need to all rise up! Cause if they are not rising, we need to!

    1. Hello to the Youth Nationalistic Movement, whoever you really are…

      Thanks for joining-in and please spread the word.


  3. Isn’t this new government indeed painfully transparent? The are now living in the glass house they used to stone when they were in opposition. Attacking the media, putting spin on things that need no translation or contextualization, constantly deferring their responsibilities to the “sins of the past administration”, not having any clear plan for our economy. It’s no wonder intelligent people have to be non-partisan in this country. Neither side is any lesser of an evil. When will we ever learn?…

    1. Hey Observant,

      Thanks for taking the time to join-in – please subscribe so that you can be notified of posts as they occur.


  4. None of these actions surprises me lately. Decisions are being made without reason and rationale and not much thought before actions. I have to say that for me and self employed entrepreneurs like myself it pays to be apolitical and objective. All the best in your New Exploits Mr. Raymond. I’m sure new forums will open up for you to bring forth your views.


  5. Wait i don’t understand.

    Is your being “let go” anything to do with the excellent and impartial writing you have been doing on the CLICO debacle? Or is that a side issue?

    Sorry if the question is inappropriate here. I read your website and columns. Not much of a TV person im afraid.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. All i want to ask is if Ken Ali was still the Radio Host or Guardian Editor, how would he respond to a CNMG CEO acting this way?

    He would have gone to task on radio and create one bacchanal

  7. Eye ask: In this big LIE of a space… Who is really ready to come clean… Who is real and ready to re-chart the ruin… Who will piece it together in its beginning… Who will utter in a new chapter, truly authored by conscience…?


  9. It’s an everyday occurrence to lose ones job. The key is how it’s handled after. Don’t stir up the pot and create a story that’s not there. Seems like no one is giving this CEO a chance and instead the population is showing its true colours of being an angry and belittling society. So you lost your contract work. Use the time you have now and have some integrity instead of pulling someone down. Your opinions have influence on the society. The CEO is doing his job. Give him a chance and not be so bitter. How would YOU respond if you had lost your job in the US or Canada? Certainly not write a blog such as this.

  10. grace and peace
    it seems to me that we are having “PNM flashbacks”. I thought our Sweetie T&T voted for change. if the media becomes politically corrupt, we as a society are now sour. The only political change would be to have a totally new schools and breeds of politicians who have absolutely no connections with the old heads in either political camps. Right now what we have is changing of political clothes but not washing clean of dirty political bodies, perhaps even burning them. why is the political scene smelling so stink? A society with a corrupt media by way of being tied to a government or political stream is a dead society drowned by its own poor, deadly ethic.

    On a positive note to end is that the citizenry of Sweet T&T seems to be becoming more conscious and informed and therefore less gullible to what is said on the political scene. that is a sign of societal maturity.

    May God truly bless and save our nation indeed.

    god bless

    sankofa tuzinde

    1. Why would anyone consider giving this CEO (Chief Executioner officer) a chance when right out the gate he starts implementing government policy “fire anyone that speaks against the goverment!” Not a chance!

  11. Obfuscation of truth and or fact seems to be the norm in human-developed culture. We, and some of our simian cousins, are alone amongst the so-called “higher” life-forms in having acquired or developed the art of the “screw-over” to a fine art. Don’t take it personally. Hopefully, what goes around, comes around. The adjective “transparency”, as defined by various dictionaries, seems to have been shortened to a familar four-letter word followed by the aforementioned prepositive form of the word “over”.
    Transparency & Governance & Workforce … It’s Critical to have management tools that allow Visualization and interaction in the Macro and Micro aspects of any business.

    transparent [trænsˈpærənt -ˈpɛər-]
    1. permitting the uninterrupted passage of light; clear a window is transparent
    2. easy to see through, understand, or recognize; obvious
    3. (Physics / General Physics) (of a substance or object) permitting the free passage of electromagnetic radiation a substance that is transparent to X-rays
    4. candid, open, or frank
    [from Medieval Latin transpārēre to show through, from Latin trans- + pārēre to appear]
    transparently adv
    transparentness n

    1. Robert,

      Many thanks for this comment and apologies for the delay in my response…

      Yes, as is so often the case here in Trini, the meaning of the thing is up for re-definition…

      Best wishes for 2011


  12. Good day Sir!
    I must say that I am truly disappointed to read this. I enjoyed your commentaries immensely. You broke down the CLICO issue so clearly, that I finally understood what was going on.
    All the best this Christmas season.

  13. Afra- I’m a newbie to your site- I must say, I enjoy the enlightening material it’s truly eye opening- I just wish we had a more of a “reading” population who sought clarification of the issues. We would do much better when choosing politicians- As a final not, I’d like to direct you to a website- you comments would be much appreciated.


    thanks for all your info.

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