VIDEO: Current Affairs – 24 October, 2010

Afra Raymond sits with guests Martin Daly, SC; Conrad Enill, former Minister in the Min. of Finance; and Richard Joseph of Trinidad and Tobago Transparency Institute to discuss the topic, “State-Owned Entities: Taking Stock”. Video courtesy CNMG

  • Programme Air Date: Sunday, 24 October 2010
  • Programme Length: 0:47:05

8 thoughts on “VIDEO: Current Affairs – 24 October, 2010

  1. Mr. Raymond,

    I enjoy your blog immensely and was back for an update of the current affairs relating to CLF/Clico and came across your most recently posted video dated October 24th relating to the State-Owned Enterprises. Although it’s stated that the video is 47:05 minutes long, it stops after just 3:39 minutes.

    I’m eager to watch the video and so would like to ask you to please take a look at the error and kindly re-post.

    Thank you

      1. Much obliged, sir.
        And I have been spreading and continue to spread the word.

        Truth passes through three phases:
        First it is ridiculed.
        Second it is fiercely and violently opposed.
        Third, it becomes self-evident.
        — Arthur Schopenhauer

        I am a ‘phase 3’ person living in a ‘phase 2’ world!

      2. Clive,

        That Schopenhauer quote is actually one of my fridge magnets at home…it’s a classic which gives a sense of purpose and direction to this activity.



  2. I’m a new resident of Barbados (12months) and have read numerous articles about the CLICO situation (and Caribbean business) in local press, naively believing them to be honest views on the situation. It is refreshing to hear intellectually stimulating and objective opining about Caribbean business which is not obscured in gossip.

    This is the first time I’ve heard of you but I’m defiantly a fan. Great Work!

  3. conrad enill is a brilliant sophist of the kind that Plato sought to demolish. It is a pity he never saw how to devote the resources of his very real intelligence to improving the water supply and other services which the population (including PNM people) expected of their government, instead of defending the megalomania of his maximum leader.

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