VIDEO: CCN TV6 Interview on Public Procurement proclamation

Afra Raymond is interviewed on CCN TV6 ‘Morning Edition‘ by host, Lance Mottley on Tuesday, 25 April 2023 on the implementation of the Public Procurement & Disposal of Public Property Act. Video courtesy CCN TV6

  • Programme Date: April 25, 2023
  • Programme Length: 00:12.35

4 thoughts on “VIDEO: CCN TV6 Interview on Public Procurement proclamation

  1. Afra.. Any idea when the 19 objections raised by the judiciary will be made public so we can know the details?

    1. Hi Perry, The Judiciary’s 29-page commentary was published on 5th October 2022, so I already debunked those baseless and unsupported claims in this series, but if you want to see the actual list – see the AG’s statement to the Senate on Wednesday 25th January 2023 at
      1. Issues relating to the scope of the Act, including services which are exempt, such as funeral agencies, psychologists and banks.
      2. No separation of power.
      3. Wide authority of the OPR.
      4. Insufficient assurance of due process.
      5. Issues of local content.
      6. Reliance on policies with penalty for failure to adhere.
      7. Power to assess and order damages.
      8. Halting of the public bodies’ procurement activity.
      9. Framework and its adaptability to non-construction, infrastructuretype procurement.
      10. The real potential of the Act to frustrate and hinder the functioning of the courts and other public bodies.
      11. Increases in cost to be borne by the State.
      12. The Judiciary being mindful of obligations as a public body but procurement units remain unstaffed.
      13. The Judiciary using proper procurement procedures, but additional requirements and attraction of mischief are of real potential concern.
      14. A great potential increase in public law litigation.
      15. Increase in number of state attorneys available to support speedier hearings.
      16. Small claims court with built-in mediation and agreements as to service.
      17. A reversion to an unmanageable workload of the court system in Trinidad and Tobago.
      18. Circumvention of the provisions of the Mediation Act, inclusive of standards and ethical standards.
      19. Extensive effect on internal processes and operations, and the need for dedicated legal focus.
      (from pages 90, 91 and 92)

  2. hello afra

    can you provide a link to the info you gave to debunk thse myths.As long as Power corrupts and integrity in public life is not given criminal teeth nor auditor general office given indepedent resources and criminal & civil powers to act INDEPENDENTLY Of the Political directorate the political cooruption indetified by Tarnsparency Internationa Global Corruption report 2004.. ie self enrichment of public office holders, conflict of interest , nepotism, cronyisim , secrecy in political fianancing and failure to be held public accounatilbility via the parliamenatry watchdogs and auditor general then adding another agency while helpful will not fully address problem.
    corrupt politicaians hide ther stolen assests in G7- countires USA UK EU are key places so let work with TI intl to call for Global Asset register for all political & related persons ie oligarchy at work
    anticorruption advocate/CEGG
    long past Fmr local TI director

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