AUDIO: Interview on Public Procurement proclamation on U95.7 FM

Afra Raymond was interviewed by Kieron Samaroo of U97.5 FM Multicultural Radio’s Program, The People’s Platform on the impending proclamation of the new Public Procurement & Disposal of Public Property Act. Audio courtesy U97.5 FM.

  • Programme Length: 00:22:14
  • Programme Date: 24 April 2023

3 thoughts on “AUDIO: Interview on Public Procurement proclamation on U95.7 FM

  1. Time to move back to general politics. Following Trinidad as I do, it appears that the country is one where the people continue to suffer but are doing their best in light of a nonfunctioning government. I am increasingly hearing that the government continues to increase the divide between the two major ethnic groups . Is this really the end of a multi-generational dream?

    Regards Stephen Stephen B. Salter PhD. ________________________________

    1. Hello Mr Ramsingh,
      Moonilal Lalchan’s five-year term ended on 11th January 2023 and I am supporting his re-appointment as his performance was commendable.

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