VIDEO: Public Procurement Delays – Emancipation Day 2022 edition

On Emancipation Day 2022 in Trinidad and Tobago, Afra Raymond reiterates his message on the deplorable excuses offered by the government of Trinidad and Tobago to fully implement its Public Procurement regime. He wrote previously, “We are being told by our [Attorney General] that the new Public Procurement law cannot be implemented at this time because a significant number of Procuring Agencies are unprepared, and that is totally unacceptable.”

  • Programme Date: 1 August 2022
  • Programme Length: 00:05:32 YouTube Channel

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Public Procurement Delays – Emancipation Day 2022 edition

  1. ‘out of respect for the Chief Justice’????….what about respect for the citizenry,whose monies are being spent and on whose behalf procurement is being considered and conducted?

  2. Capitalism has so polluted our minds that we do not recognise our complicity into it as we negotiate for its propagated benefits. David Rudder sang (1990) that the more things change is the more they seem unchanged. Socrates branded the adjournment and silence principles as sophistry from which we get sophistication.

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