VIDEO: Conversations For Change 8 COVID-19, An Opportunity for Reset : Views from the Global South

undefinedAfra Raymond joins the Future Law Co-Founders:

  1. Margaret Rose-Goddard — Legal Futurist, Founder the Caribbean Procurement Institute, Disclosure Today, Global Social Entrepreneurship Award Winner, serial social entrepreneur and trailblazer in public procurement, anti-corruption and civic empowerment, and
  2. Anja Blaj, — Chief Strategist Officer- Future Law Institute, President of Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia, Level Counsel at Datafund and the Co-Organizer of the DGOV Foundation,

for a riveting and revolutionary-rousing discussion on Democracy, Information Tyranny, Capitalism, Colonialism and his views on the T&T’s COVID-19 Recovery Committee and the enigmatic and exclusionary modus operandi of such committees thus far on the island and their lack of effectiveness thus far in bringing about real progress towards an equitable, sustainably developed society befitting the country’s wealth of human and natural resources. Video courtesy Future Law.

  • Programme Length: 01:13:26
  • Programme Date: 10 May 2020

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Conversations For Change 8 COVID-19, An Opportunity for Reset : Views from the Global South

  1. Conversations for Change 8
    Capitalism is a system that divides and rules us that is pyramidically tiered and variously classified with its core being the control of money, land, labour, minerals and violence.

    The triangulated discussion began with information being superior to tangible products and our histories show this to be unquestionably true with many variables: Knowledge is power. This is proved by Afra’s identifying some commercial billionaire corporations, Facebook, Apple Amazon, Netflix and Google (FAANG) and supported by Anja Blaj that they are the creators and curators of information. Afra cited four texts: No Place to Hide by Glenn Greenwald, The Panama Papers of Mossack Fonseca by Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer, the US Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission and he later added Treasure Islands by Nicholas Shaxson.

    The myth of democracy and republicanism as having the potential to establish social equilibrium within capitalism persisted. Capitalism has convinced us that value equates money despite it being convincingly refuted by Henry George in his 1879 publication called Poverty and Progress. Fanon on page 39 of The Wretched of the Earth describes the mode of the divisions as, “the principle of reciprocal exclusivity”, in other words no equality is conceived. Margaret Rose-Goddard unwittingly and ironically expresses her satisfaction at T&T becoming first at Covid lock-down measures, which valorises the mythical claim to first world intellectual superiority. The use of technology to retain that status quo by FAANG follows the hollowness of United Nation’s proclamations in those veins and I shall offer three:

    Food for all declared at the UN in 1974.

    Water for all declared at the UN in March 1977

    Education for all declared at the UN in March 1990

    My recent viewing of a 2011 documentary called Mercury Undercover and a 2012 one called The Fourth World underscore these failings and paint the uselessness of our hanging on to capitalism that lives in democracy, socialism, military overthrows, education, health, religion, security and all other levels of today’s living. So exclusive have those boundaries been established that they are boldly proclaimed within and without all levels of stratification. Racial, sexual and other abuses, pollution, structured delays and silence on public issues are woven into miseducation, underemployment, underpayment and the over-exploitation of human and mineral resources of the majority of the earth’s human and physical assets. The economic realities of capitalism conflict historically, (Afra read that replacing enslaved Africans was cheaper than keeping them healthy), and are so embedded today that Covid has more economic than health tags including price gouging.
    Our conversations are profound but remain pure abstractions in the face of persistent and increasing third and fourth world dis-empowerment.

  2. Thank you Afra. If there is a problem that I can fix, please let me know.

    Christopher McMaster Trinidad West Indies Home, 868-624-5451 Cell, 868-682-0678

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