VIDEO: Interview on TTT on post-pandemic priorities for T&T recovery

ttt LogoThis is the interview Afra Raymond did with Dike Rostant with the COVID-19 Review on TTT. They discuss Afra’s recent video on Post-COVID-19 Process and Priorities. Video courtesy TTT.

  • Prorgamme Date: 23 April 2020
  • Programme Length: 00:09:03
Afra Raymond on TTT COVID-19 Review on TTT

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Interview on TTT on post-pandemic priorities for T&T recovery

  1. It is incredulous that a public request has to be made to ask our nominated administrators to tell us publicly and instantaneously what they are doing and even more so that no response from them is expected. The body politic is frozen solid by years of callous silences, blatant lies and promises that appease but never appear. One can almost hear the sighs of relief from the PNM on the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act, by the timely (for them) intervention of Covid19. One can also imagine the work in progress to delay its passage after the crisis. To ignore these truths is simply to not been paying attention.

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