AUDIO: Procurement system delays – Power Breakfast Show, 30 Jan 2020

power102fmAfra Raymond was interviewed on Power Breakfast Show on Power 102.1 FM with Richard Ragoobarsingh and Wendell Clement on the delays in implementing the new Public Procurement system in Trinidad and Tobago.

Programme Date: Thursday 30th January 2020
Programme Length: 00:22:21


One thought on “AUDIO: Procurement system delays – Power Breakfast Show, 30 Jan 2020

  1. Public Procurement Processes

    The proclamation of this act does not even slightly guarantee its application, nor does it redress the former maladies we still pay for despite their progenitors continued enjoyment of the loot. The duplicity of the educated has led to a genuine growing mistrust of their proclamations globally by the masses.

    It is brazenly obvious that our administrators are bent of retaining their stranglehold on the freedom of citizens’ democratic rights to determine how public funds are disbursed. The national good is a metaphor that global governments use to dominate those they represent. Sadly too is the relinquishing of our sovereignty to allow the mandates of the strong to override ours where policy procurement rule-conflicts occur. The caller who identified China’s financial bulldozing of other countries is neither a fabrication nor an implausibility especially when our finances are already manipulated outside of parliament as you ably identified: the friends, financiers and family find favour (5 Fs) rule. I will suggest a sixth F to trail favour, in first.

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