VIDEO: 4th Caribbean International Tourism Conference – 11 Dec 2019


Afra Raymond made a presentation at the 4th Caribbean International Tourism Conference at UWI’s Cave Hill Campus in Barbados on Trinidad & Tobago’s State-owned hotels to outline the results and provisional conclusions of his research examining the existing State-owned hotels as a way of understanding the real prospects for the large-scale Tobago Sandals proposed by the incumbent government in 2015.


7 thoughts on “VIDEO: 4th Caribbean International Tourism Conference – 11 Dec 2019

  1. Afra. I am in Miami and read your email which produced your presentation at the tourism conference held in Barbados. As usual I commend you for a masterful delivery. Will be back home next wrek.

  2. I have been following your work Afra, David Muhammad’s work and recently Phillip Alexander’s work. I have read Keith Smith, Morgan Job, Sunity Maharaj, Lloyd Best Keith Shepherd and many others, ancient and modern. I do admire truth, yet historically it seems that lies, half-truths and deceit prevail. The crucifixion, flood and threat of fire and brimstone are severally revived, still evil prevails. We bemoan the toxicity of capitalism, yet we feed it to our children, perverting their minds as we do their bodies and environment. Religion, science, education, philosophy, finance and judiciary have failed. Violence, lies, obscenity and immorality dominate every facet of life today; among them reside those like you who supply the ammunition, which whitewashes these multifarious, malignant maggots.

    The trinity of hotels and Rowley’s three blind mice recreate the triangular trade that brought us here. Yet we spend billions embalming their architecture, administration systems, titles and capitalistic hype with a fervour that completely defies logic. I have spent the latter half of my life trying to reconcile these anomalies without success. I need guidance.

  3. Strong presentation…. no mention of Auditor General or did I miss that; are the findings of any government audit suppressed under the ‘restriction of information’ you speak of?
    Appreciate your reluctance to go full Orwellian despite inferences.


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      1. Hi Afra,

        I tried accessing the above link and it opens the article but the video is not embedded. Is there a YouTube link to this video?

    1. Hello Motilal,
      Coco Reef does not form part of this discussion, since it is privately-owned and only comprises 135 rooms…

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