istt-conferenceAfra Raymond’s presentation on “State-owned hotels as a development option for T&T: Lessons for Small Islands Developing States” at the ISTT Caribbean Land Conference 2019 – Surveying best practices towards the sustainable development of Caribbean SIDS, at Hilton Trinidad Friday October 11, 2019.

Programme Length: 00:25:20
Programme Date: 11 October 2019


One thought on “VIDEO: ISTT Caribbean Land Conference 2019

  1. Under lying commercial arrangements are business plans designed to perform ‘double-speak’ as Orwell teaches in his novel called 1984, such that payments, purchases and profits (P3- or Peachtree jargon) are often the same sums of money. No one expects clarity even when accounts are declared, like the budget, because balance sheets are confidential although the cash is public funds.
    I am amazed that there are land conferences in a land where land costs are excluded from major state declarations of site valuations. But then, in other lands, double ententes like, “how we vote is not how we party,” prevail.

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