VIDEO: Speech at Rotary Club of Penal event – 29 June 2019

penal rotary
Outgoing president Narda Ramkissoon present Afra Raymond with a token of appreciation after his address at the Penal Rotary Club handing over ceremony. Photo courtesy Rotary Club of Penal.

penal rotary logoThis is the recording from Saturday, 29 June 2019 at Rotary Club of Penal’s Handing Over Ceremony at which guest speaker Afra Raymond spoke on the national housing policy and programme of Trinidad and Tobago. Video courtesy Rotary Club of Penal.

Programme Length: 00:32:02
Programme Date: 29 June 2019


2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Speech at Rotary Club of Penal event – 29 June 2019

  1. As you said Afra, the poor count only at elections, and there are enclaves of ‘sure seats’ like Belmont where I live, that are PNM and UNC. The marginal constituencies are somewhat pampered if you consider that there are distinctions between them. The point is that we fail as a nation to insist that our leaders lead us forward. The media and commerce make us consume junk and keep us poor. Many single women have to consort with ruthless men in order to feed the mouths of those not fathered by the ruthless bunch. Housing is not on their agendas anymore because feeding consumes the little they earn.
    We put people first, ‘to be executed like sitting ducks’ is left out of the PNM motto. 2020 appears to be a repeat of all those past. When will it end?

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