VIDEO: Interview on The Morning Brew on FOIA amendments

CNC3 LogoAfra Raymond appeared on CNC3’s The Morning Brew with host Hema Ramkissoon on Monday 10 June 2019 to discuss the proposal to amend the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The FOIA has been an instrumental piece of legislation in the quest for transparency and accountability in governance. Any amendments to this act necessarily affect this process. Video courtesy CNC3 Television

Programme Length: 00:27:04
Programme Date: Monday 10 June 2019


3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Interview on The Morning Brew on FOIA amendments

  1. Asking those who hide the truth to support legislation that forces them to show and tell is like asking the alcohol we consume not to intoxicate us. This five day holiday we shall enjoy from 19th June to 23rd June 2019 will exemplify how much of the latter will prevail as the bill (I believe) was passed already.
    Just like the soggy explanations we got about flooding in Chaguanas after 5 months of drought and the saturated promises of Rohan Sinanan, we can expect a deluge of words and a microcosmic effort to transform them into action. We get more information from comedy than from parliament and what we receive from parliament remains embalmed in the Hansard.

    1. Chris, as you know by now, the proposed amendments were entirely withdrawn – to me the lesson learned is that our engagement had an effect.

  2. I didn’t know. Thank you for that update. Congratulations are in order then again, Afra.
    Those gains imply a maturity that contradicts the general consensus and strengthens our moral base as a nation. Again I applaud your determination and efforts. My hope is that others with integrity will take the reins away from the four horsemen and make tangible the just rewards for the transparent use of our human, material and environmental resources. Hope Lives

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