AUDIO: Interview on MORE 104.7 FM on Sandals Tobago “pull out”

Radio More FM 104.7Afra Raymond is interviewed by David Walker on 104.7 MORE FM on the debacle of the collapse of the projected Sandals managed luxury resort in Tobago. The MoU details and the actions of the State in its negotiations towards the MoU are discussed. Audio courtesy MORE 104.7 FM

Programme Date: Thursday 17th January 2019
Programme Length: 00:27:40


2 thoughts on “AUDIO: Interview on MORE 104.7 FM on Sandals Tobago “pull out”

  1. wonderful BRILLIANT analysis

    like alcoa MOU ,sandals MOU same – the gambler ” know when to fold” in face of civic vigilance

    AFRA on behalf of ethical T&T .Thank you so much.Do you think we can nominate you for ORTT ( highest order)? next time?

    once again a bad faith MOU by PNM govt to hurt taxpayers pockets just as Alcoa smelter of past PNM manning admin of which dr rowley and old PNM guard were all cabinet members !!

    time for removal of this govt based this and other ” bad faith ” deals to taxpayers – from clico to petrotrin to galleon to austal/incat to sandals..all require forensic audits and afra analysis

    1) now to innoke clause no secret MOU in any govt deals .ALl subject to civic FOIA
    2) all MOU must be laid and debated in parliament and must be voted upon with 60% majority since taxpayers on both sides are burdened before any binding agreements ( otherwise they are voidable in bad faith)
    3) Suggest Afra check recent tha amendment bill for self governance that sought to give THA global borrowing power – bypassing parliamentary approval
    with no accoutability to central govt
    nb to this day …THA has failed to ever present audited account to central govt -under a decade of orville london…. but he get diplomatic immunity as UK high commissioner)]


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