AUDIO: State of the Nation – In Focus interview on 2018 issues – 19 December 2018


Radio station Power 102.1 FM hosted an all day retrospective discussion on the burning issues of 2018 on Wednesday 19th December 2018. Host Andy Johnson speaks to Afra Raymond on his main issue, being the two successful challenges to the State to get information in the public interest, namely, the memorandum of understanding between the State and the Sandals Hotel group for the construction of a resort in Tobago and the details of the CL Financial bailout. They are joined by David Abdullah. Audio courtesy Power 102.1 FM

Programme Date: 19 December 2018
Programme Length:  00:33:40


One thought on “AUDIO: State of the Nation – In Focus interview on 2018 issues – 19 December 2018

  1. Afra,
    My current reading of Treasure Islands by Nicholas Shaxson (2012) and so many unresolved and badly resolved issues here on your blog (Clico, Invaders Bay) and others published in newspapers, in the Caribbean and so many other texts like George Ayittey’s Africa Unchained (2005) that expose the structured deceit of corporations, governments and other moneyed people to steal public funds, construct white elephants and have us, hapless taxpayers, repay those who stole our (public) money with exorbitant interest rates. To begin discussions on the environmental hazards created by our caring leaders and the history of faulty feacal and waste disposal for so massive a Sandals in tiny Tobago with its already threatened coral reefs, wetlands and beaches, is to consume time in vain. Was 2018 the year for love as Voice taught or is it a recurring Full Extreme as we, ultimate rejects, gallantly made Road March in 2016. Perhaps our leaders have imbibed Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” as Parliamentary Privilege Procedure.

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