VIDEO: Post-budget Forum at CCLCS – 10 October 2018

cclcs 2019 budget review

Afra Raymond was a participant in a Post-budget Forum at Cipriani College of Labour & Cooperative Studies (CCLCS) on Wednesday 10th October 2018, along with Senator the Hon. Allyson West, Minister in the Ministry of Finance; Corrine Gregoire, lecturer and researcher at CCLCS; and, David Muhammad sociologist, author and host of the Black Agenda. Video courtesy CCLCS

0:00:00 Introductions
0:04:07 Allyson West
0:23:59 Corrine Gregoire
0:47:43 David Muhammad
1:12:31 Afra Raymond
1:36:32 Vote of Thanks


4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Post-budget Forum at CCLCS – 10 October 2018

  1. Afra,I noticed that you made reference to Cuba,China ect. when mentioning the freedom of information privilege we have in Trinidad, so I must mention to you, that Cuba has no place in that comparison. I have walked into prime state companies under various Ministries there and accessed Financial Statements for millions of dollars within 1-3 days without any hindrances. Here in Trinidad however, ministries like the Ministry of Labour ignore and deny receipt of FOI request, whilst Ministry of Finance have a Chairman in place to give silly replies and provide arguments to justify their law-breaking mentalities for not disseminating information of way less value. What is worse is that they are constipated enough to direct the matter to an ombudsman whose duty is absolutely outside of the scope of the information requested. Let the Revenue Authority completely purge the state of these bad public servants! So please Afra, do not compare Trinidad to Cuba when it comes to disseminating information because Trinidad is in a category of secrecy all by itself – you cannot even execute decent research here.

    1. Camille, this comment made me smile since I only mention those two countries to emphasise my point that our public service practice has serious room for improvement…thank you…

  2. As usual, David Muhammad and Afra Raymond have reinforced the principles of positive growth for our tiny, rich state that is impoverished by our leaders. Those principles include the structured avoidance of responsibility by highly paid administrators to empower those who by vote or by spending and by our silences support the legal paths that they, in secrecy, by their illicit use of legal force and by flagrant lies continue to abuse their powers. King Short Shirt sang “Power and Authority” in 1976, David Rudder offered 1990 in 1989, Hoosay in 1990 and Madman’s Rant in 1995; Sparrow Offered We Like it so and Capitalism Gone Mad and so we have a history of public information that Afra, like Noam Chomsky, says is accessible if we really want. Our behaviour reflects that luxury enjoyed in this Garden until that day when we cross the line. I guess it is simply In Time to Come.

  3. To reply to Ms. Patrick, Afra has taken the long legal road of ‘decent research’ and the courts have supported him all the way. We are the problem. We vote for trinkets, work for pittance and rob and maim one another for pennies. We empower the 1% and cheat our brothers and sisters who offer credit, free knowledge and endless opportunities to unite for 30 pieces of KFC and a toxic soda. Females waste millions on hair products and myriad other accessories to become “real” and simultaneously relinquish their duties to their progeny, siblings neighbours and community members. We shun logic for lies and we expect our sham administrators to be otherwise. That is unwise. Afra, David, Walter Rodney and many others have lighted our paths so we all could know, but we fear ourselves because we are cultured to be ‘smart’ like Anancy, except that we are immoral. We simply cannot have it both ways. We Like It So. The folly is ours.

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