VIDEO: World Press Freedom Day Mid-Day lecture

gpa-wpfd-posterAfra Raymond was the guest speaker of the Guyana Press Association at its Mid-Day Lecture on Thursday 3 May 2018, at Moray House in Georgetown, Guyana on World Press Freedom Day. He spoke on the theme, “Keeping Power in Check: Media Justice and the Rule of Law.” Video courtesy Guyana Press Association.

Programme Date: 3 May 2018
Programme length: 00:40:00 and 00:19:53


5 thoughts on “VIDEO: World Press Freedom Day Mid-Day lecture

  1. There is much to appreciate here Mr.Raymond. I particularly like the idea of the Electronic Platform which collates and disseminates inter-regional views.

    1. Thanks, Camille…let’s try to spread the word to get some of these orphans adopted,,,

  2. Very interesting and informative but I dont see the Brexit experience has much of a comparison to the UK. First the exit vote was very narrow and is an reaction of what I called old Englanders who are largely ignorant people who feel that Britain is still some colonial power who resent being told according to their mind what to do by the EU or having them interfere in our affairs. The fact that the UK benefits more from the EU than is hampered by it goes over the head of those kind of people..So I cannot see how this has any equivalence for Caribbean people or countries who have never been a super power or have that mindset. I would go as far to say and generalise the Caribbean has a dependency mindset which does not exist here and is what those who are hostile to the EU rail up against which is also a failure to appreciate how integrated the economies of the UK and EU is..

    1. The point I was driving at is that at last some of us who are not willing to do deep reading and have hitherto accepted the status quo can now see that after Brexit – the UK electorate can do nonsense, ditto the USA electorate…which, to my mind, opens up the possibility that we can start to see ourselves as whole ppl – no less than the others, formerly considered to be superior – who need to find our way…

  3. Reblogged this on and commented:

    My 2018 talk to the Guyana Press Association on World Press Freedom Day covered issues such as the special responsibilities of the Press, the Global Information War, the role of ‘FANG’, BREXIT and the election of US President Trump…all new ground for my public work…

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