VIDEO: Bussin’ Files, Part 2 – 15 November 2017

This is the second in the Bussin’ Files series held at The Big Black Box on Wednesday 15th November 2017. In this episode we deal with the Hotel Facts research and its implications for the Sandals Tobago proposal.

I would like to thank The Big Black Box team for their support, without which we would have been unable to convene this seminar. I am especially thankful to Wendell Manwarren for being our host and MC. Video courtesy PixelPlay Media.


One thought on “VIDEO: Bussin’ Files, Part 2 – 15 November 2017

  1. Bussin Files, Part Two

    The introductory references of Best and Minshall harbour vessels of wisdom that are often docked but seldom off-loaded. Best laments our conscious rejection of historic facts, the continuation of intellectual and physical violence as ruling mechanisms and the structured avoidance of having Cuba (and Haiti, my addition) as models for the honest assessment of who we are and where and how we go into the future as one Caribbean ship. Afra has piloted a course that ably bisects the cooks and (crooks) economists, the un-reason and reason, faith and facts, party-politics and fate, towards betterment, sans the ‘morals of a mango thief.’ The ships of underlying commercial arrangements moors securely in the commercial confidentiality bay where public-private arrangements defy Freedom of Information pratique yet bask in the tropical luxury of un-taxed loot. Double-speak rules as super-tankers barge in and pollute in defiance of dingy-safeguards referenced as Disclosure Today. The Caribbean’s informed and active citizenry still limbo under falling incomes as the price paid for trusting those we know who lie because of the taught dictum that its complicated. Afra’s closing statements fully endorse Best’s assertions that truth is sacrificed by capitalism like the ebb and flood of tides, but we have ham and grog to purchase so later…whatever. We are the Caribbean.

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