VIDEO: Interview on 107.7 FM on Property Tax and CL Financial.

1077fm-logoThis is my interview with Rennie Bishop on 107.7 FM on Sunday 30 April 2017 to discuss the controversial Property Tax and the prospect of CL Financial being returned to its owners. Video courtesy TTRN -Trinidad and Tobago Radio Network Limited.

  • Programme Date: Sunday, 30 April 2017
  • Programme length: 50:01

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Interview on 107.7 FM on Property Tax and CL Financial.

  1. Thank you Mr. Raymond. I too, agree with having to pay a property tax, as most developed countries in the world do. I have two questions: what are your thoughts on making this tax retroactive to 2016? And is it true that “squatters” are exempt from paying this tax? Do you know how the government will be dealing with the issue of illegal structures on state lands? Again, thank you.

  2. as always well worth listening .- clico parties must be accountable through courts !!

    Afra has this scenario with Clico ( your legal challenge etc) been shared internationally with TI head office? after all I recall the PM Dr Rowley PR meeting with current head of TI during his visit to T&T..for TTTI conference so is this Rowley govt all talk and no action?.. now it that it involves political financier CLICO at large he is bacKsLiding? and no TTTI press conference ?
    Surely our CPI will become zero next time and it will be on the poor governance and lack of accountability transparency and culpability under law by PNM (who really more corrupt than any other party in 50 yr post colonial /independence history of T&T!!)
    The “quasi secret” Colman report over failure of financial giant CLICO & HCU as far as limited press speaks to high possibility both civil and criminal litigation offences under fiduciary duties of the errant parties..(fro CLICO DUPREY to Fmr central bank governor EW!)
    The “not clean hands of the govt.. on this issue ..

    as BOTH CRIMINAL & CIVIL ACTION MUST BE LAID against ERRANT parties …and why l DPP .office and TTPS not actioned to initiate investigation..?
    seems one rule of accountability( forensic audits ) for UNC and another( or lack thereof) under PNM

    as i have always said since my TTTI days PNM corruption never held accountable and culpable
    but old saying ‘monkey never see de end of its own tail ‘

    as well noted by rennie ..CLICO – Duprey ” corruption” affected not only T&T but many Englsh speaking Caribbean islands..
    . civil and criminal laws transgressed and must be prosecuted under laws of country as part of good government .. re _the FULL CLICO colman report must now be made public through the court of LAW!!

    all this only reiterates the lack integrity our financial & state bodies very corrupted our governance is!!
    as old people would say – they have no SHAME!!)..

    keep fighting for better governance in T&T
    PS govt should hire you to do IN.govt PR on property tax!!

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