6 thoughts on “VIDEO: The Secret Society

  1. This is an excellent clip Mr Raymond. The citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and the international community need answers for a lot in our beloved nation. It is my opinion that Crony Capitalism has consumed our nation. Our children and grandchildren will pay the price for that unless we take a stance. Thank you Sir.

    1. Agreed. These are questions that require answers however, they may never reveal those answers.
      Sound discuss Mr. Raymond.

  2. Your info on Mc Donald was incomplete. She was fired for her activities involving payments from the Ministry of Culture when she was the Minister, to Calabar Foundation totaling $575,000. Her common-law husband was a Director in the foundation.

    1. Yes, all of those allegations are interesting and in need of proper resolution, that cannot be denied. But the point I was making was that we need to press for OPEN DATA in relation to our Public Institutions…

      Thanks for joining-in.


  3. Does our secret society seek open data? 22nd February 2017

    It is standard procedure for many societies to create secret pockets in which to hide dark truths, which are so morbid for their members and friends that they are veiled and finagled onto the majority whose interests they represent. Those leaders justify their acts and claim that members are safer by not knowing. I know of football teams which have inept players chosen above others who train and have excess recognisable talent than those whose selection was secret. If we multiply that principle as being accepted in private and public commercial enterprises, religious, sport and volunteer institutions and by further extension any body in which tiers of responsibility exist, then we shall find pockets of secrecy. Indeed we read of internal pockets of secrecy within individuals in such novels as Ulysses (1920) by James Joyce and To the Lighthouse (1927) by Virginia Woolf, The Stranger (1942) by Albert Camus and I Want a Black Doll (1967) by Frank Hercules of Trinidad. These examples should spark introspection of how we silently decry some things yet we openly praise them. Mad Magazine called it “The Shadow Knows,” and through these individual experiences we have come not only to expect but also to justify the existence of these codes of conduct in everyone.

    Secret and confidential are primary captions to all organisations, even in those which claim otherwise. Many men, women and children have paid with their lives because they had openly proclaimed the truth. Drama in all cultures teems with monologues or soliloquies, in asides done sotto voce or by a chorus. For example the character called ‘The Common Man’ in Robert Bolt’s A Man for All Seasons (1960), exemplifies how ‘ordinary people’ as Earl Loveless calls the masses, seem to know the many truths behind public declarations. Secret love affairs seem to favour true love if our musicians sing as the muse inspires. Miriam Makeba springs to mind with her 1972 rendition of ‘Forbidden Games,’ and more recently to the British group called Little Mix and its 2015 single called ‘Secret Love Song’ that bracket our own ‘Smart Bajan’ by Sparrow, Nadie La Fond’s ‘Three Way Situation’ all show that we teach our children directly and indirectly the importance of secrets. If money were to talk, the thirty pieces of silver have as long a history as a legacy. Papal atrocities have been recorded here http://www.ftarchives.net/foote/crimes/c7.htm, the political carnages of Stalin and Lenin in the Soviet Union, Mao Tse-tung in China, the European colonisers and their collective extermination of the indigenes in the Americas, Africa, India and in Asia are all well recorded including the whistle-blown secrets they all had. 9-11 and the proclamation of global terrorists feed a host of open secrets that can hibernate in cocoon-like spores that sprout war, incest, abuse, racism, false advertisements and lies in every sector of public and private life.

    The façade of honesty is as important to our survival as the role of lies. Like life and death, the dualism of our existence haunts the victors as well as the victims as Fanon spells out in his 1952 publication of Black Skin, White Masks. Your blog here delineates a handful of our leaders’ continued role in this heritage of deceit. The movie, “V for Vendetta” in 2005 and “Elysium” in 2013 as well as the novel 1984 by George Orwell in 1949 portend our dystopic quest that still defy logic. Truth resides more in fiction than in facts.

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