VIDEO: Public Procurement Progress?

This issue examines the long-awaited Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act and makes important points about the central role of the President in its implementation. (Recorded – Saturday 1st October 2016)

For further reading see The Proposed changes to the new Public Procurement Act

Programme Date: 6 February 2017
Programme Length: 11:26


One thought on “VIDEO: Public Procurement Progress?

  1. Thank God, I lived to see this authority come into been in T&T. I visited Jamaica and attended JCA dinned 2008 or 2009. with President of TTCA. Thanks you again, you are a champion and a dedicated servant of God.

    I cannot wait to see them go to jail. Who don’t hear, will feel. My matter started in 2011 and we in 2017, and matter not settled. I refused to pay, or give any one anything. Not even a doubles with plenty pepper. Great time for small contractors, Our asset is knowing good quality workmanship. Bishop

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