VIDEO: Interview on One on One with Vernon Ramesar


This my interview with Vernon O’Reilly Ramesar on ‘One on One’ on IETV Wednesday 23rd November 2016 to discuss Invaders’ Bay and the CL Financial bailout fiasco. Video courtesy ieTV.

  • Programme Date: Wednesday, 23 November 2016
  • Programme length: 27:58

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Interview on One on One with Vernon Ramesar

  1. Afra Interview on One on One with Vernon Ramesar
    I have noted with interest Vernon’s reference to Diogenes of Sinope, who ennobles the expression, ‘gone to the dogs,’ and of his extreme philosophical approach to money, greed and the abuse of intelligence in ancient Greece. It pointed me to the several religious epics in which common sense only prevails after a disaster of epic proportion. Unemployment was rampant in Germany in 1939 and the ‘merchants of Venice,’ who paid the price could have relieved much tension if, like Shylock, they did not insist on their pound of flesh. The still Jewish-owned mass media will hardly acknowledge this type of reasoning, but history is replete with the myriad, morbid, apocalyptic consequences of rash excesses. Waterworld of 1995, Oblivion 2013, The Book of Eli 2010, I Am Legend 2007, 2012 in 2007 and Soylent Green 1973 all demonstrate that good sense will only prevail after we almost annihilate one another for our persistent, myopic greed. There are millions of Jyoti Singhs who after much sacrifice suffers rape and death at the hands of those she sought to cure.

    In Trinidad, philosophy, history and literature are dying subjects because IT, science, business and sport pay much more, and what is life without money? Further, which rich or aspiring rich person will make public the source of his riches? Surely you do not expect that our leaders have taken a vow of poverty. To many, Invaders’ Bay and Clico are pots of gold awaiting the rainbows of taxpayers’ investments that we will all share. I am sure that the workers at Movie Towne and its mall tenants will immediately agree that their lives have been significantly improved because of their employment there. Shoppers at Price Smart and other shops marvel at their gains. There is so much value for money there that any expansion must surely bring more good to this land, even at the expense of a small piece of the environment- nature will fix that, the looting of the treasury- we always recover, and the multi-mega profits of the investors whose dishonesty is at least shared with ours. To break a few laws for the benefit of the many is called a venial sin and, like white lies, they deserve a severe verbal reprimand, though little else. Give peace a chance, Afra and let bygones be bygones. Life is full of wonderful possibilities and the Lord will provide even if we have gone to the dogs.

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