3 thoughts on “VIDEO: The SO-CALLED Political Divide…

  1. A response to ‘The so-called political divide’ by Afra Raymond 31st October 2016, written by Christopher McMaster

    The only real political change comes through revolution. Although violent revolutionaries are now branded as terrorists and are scorned by many of those who stand to benefit from their actions but who cling to the misinformation spread by the media, there is little historical evidence of political change that lacks violence. Add to this the varieties of interpretations to even the simplest of policies, like the 80 kph speed limit that remained as a source for jibe for decades and now those jibes have become jeers.

    The Internet is part of the reason. Long ago if some educated person said that the man on the moon is Chinese, or that the earth is flat, the majority had no choice but to believe and there was certainly no medium for disapproval. Today Internet pundits stream between the diminutiveness of the Planck to the immeasurability of the multiverse to attempt to fixate some constant that may guide behaviour. Politicians have little power today as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is proving what has been known but not often understood. No school of thought is infallible and conspiracies exist everywhere so that it is of little consequence to pontificate.
    Academics like to be right and they snub opposition by citing, despite the living examples of what they deem ‘wrong.’ These and other complexities like literacy levels, financial associations, social clubs and residential locations combine to strengthen the ‘loopholes’ that any sane proposition can recommend. We are likened to Panorama audiences; there are diehard supporters, those who support the popular bands and those who string along for the entertainment. Even within these categories exist those who affiliations change for myriad reasons-some rational and others completely irrational. Lately, with the proclamation of the 11th commandment: Thou shall not get caught, there have evolved a cadre of ‘innocents’ who have feathers in their hair but swear that they have not been near the chickens. Like Monsanto seeds, the evidence is wind-borne and taints the innocent. Virtual games, cyber love, staged reality shows, swindling lawyers and corruption wherever there is material wealth and power concoct a viscous brew for the masses whose fight for survival is their only constant

    To wrap-up, I very strongly believe you to be right and your opponents know it too, but, as described above, we are playing games with words and brazenly stealing what we can escape with. Party politics is appropriately named. You and people like you are the other parts that cause the written words of condemnation- Bernard Report, 30th August 2003 and the Uff website to become inaccessible or become conveniently confidential and restricted. Or, like the Ballah report, it rusts somewhere awaiting an action plan, much discussed but nothing else. So too runs our education, health, security and fiscal programs; they are all talk. Everybody likes the truth but few are willing to live it, particularly when so much happiness, bacchanalia and lewd freedoms reside in Sodom. “How we vote, is not how we party.”

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