VIDEO: TTTI Couch session with Reginald Armour, SC.

transparency-logoThis is the ‘On the Couch’ session at the T&T Transparency Institute’s 2016 Anti-Corruption Conference held on Tuesday 8th March 2016. The moderator was Reginald Armour SC, President of the Law Association; Michael Harris, Tapia Member and Express columnist; Mark Regis of Shell Trinidad; and Afra Raymond, managing director of Raymond & Pierre Ltd and Immediate past-President of the JCC


6 thoughts on “VIDEO: TTTI Couch session with Reginald Armour, SC.

  1. Thanks for sharing Afra. I watched it. You’re always interesting and engaging.

    Warm regards.



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  2. Finally the issue of limited space in terms of carrying capacity/resources; factor in climate change, rising sea levels, erosion in some coastal areas. Housing data not available on numbers distributed, weekly, monthly etc.? Length of application process versus lottery system? People still hopeful after decades.
    Social and other support systems and mgt to minimize degradation of these estates, perhaps?

    More importantly, open borders/at official entry points to stem the flow of those seeking relief. With looming recession, to which destination? Any screening at official entry points and monitoring overstay; free movement under CSME; what skills, got to check that out? Can available Gov’t housing ever keep apace; excuse for what? Any of that in Barbados, for instance?

    Touchy subject globally; refugees fleeing war zones. But while one may sympathize, social pressures do arise.

  3. Housing Scam
    There has always been a pervasive, chronic silence by us about the mismanagement of public funds at all levels and yet it remains the centre of rum-shop discussions and can be heard in maxi-taxis and almost everywhere there is a gathering. The silence is official despite its inclusion in political debates and party manifestos. It is never addressed with any serious intent to dismantle its cancerous core and no official is ever held accountable for its re-payment. Outrage pores from Service Commission members at the horrors of public service institutions which, like the HDC are not called on to account for their budgets that are always overrun, yet deficient at every productive and administrative level. Apologies, embarrassments and promises solve the nine-day wonder and we slip back into passivity. Alana Khan’s 2016 calypso called Moron and Oxymoron is instructive or perhaps we can revive Sparrow’s 1982 rendition of We Like It So to measure the ‘real’ strides taken to develop ourselves. In 1979 Llewellyn McIntosh sang The Law is an Ass and of course we have remedied that. Life, like employment, is temporary so we do not take either seriously.

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