AUDIO: State Enterprises

Afra Raymond chats on the show  ’Forward Thinkers‘ with David Walker on More 104.7 FM about State Enterprises. 15 August 2013. Audio courtesy More 104.7 FM

  • Programme Date: Thursday 15th August 2013
  • Programme Length: 0:54:33

3 thoughts on “AUDIO: State Enterprises

  1. Trinidad, with its integrity legislation is peering into the future of Barbados as a Capitalist Democracy. Afra Ramond and David Walker therefore are important to Barbadians, but for an obtuse reason:- they are proving that a campaign like theirs, one that represents a sustained effort at exposing “corruption” in public financing and the legislation that is developed to hide it, DOES NOT WORK!

    Truth is, the approach is NOT designed to work since it ignores two basic realities of the economic model that we were born into, a model that has been around in its present form for centuries.

    1. Private Enterprise, or “Free” Enterprise or Business (a rose by any other name) is an activity that exits for ONE solitary purpose, to EXPLOIT people (and the environment where available) for profit.

    2. Political Parties represent an extension of the Private Enterprise model, they are businesses.

    Again, this is a Capitalist Democracy and it has brought material wealth to millions

    Afra Raymond completely refuses to accept this. Everyone that I know who was or is actively involved in politics is sufficiently educated and intelligent enough to know this, but Raymond prefers to remain a romantic.

    Romanticism, like alcoholism is not easily cured, but the first step to healing is the acknowledgment of being stricken.

    Capitalism is an ancient beast that survives to this day through deception – NOT corruption. Accepting the realities as there are is a first step, and having the agents involved in the process exposed and registered for what they really are is the second.

    Move the discourse away from accusations and into the realm of formalizing, that way the population (the majority of which is purposely dumbed) would have a clearer picture of the beast that they have been feeding from time immemorial, and then and only then, can a true demand for change can be engineered.

    1. Hello BAFBFP, whoever you really are…

      The success of otherwise of the campaigns you are criticising could only be measured by comparing the results thus far against the intended targets. One of my intended targets is the same objective you name as your second step – “…having the agents involved in the process exposed and registered for what they really are…” I have had some success in doing that and this blogspot is one of the spaces showing those results.

      I agree with you that many of our leading Political Parties in the Caribbean are really businesses with no explicit ideology – which is a point I made in ‘Change, not Exchange: the Two Tendencies‘ – see – “…That pattern of brusque dismissals and crude exchange is highly questionable, given that both parties have fundamentally similar economic and social policies. It seems to me that the dismissals are motivated more by by vengeance and a desire to control the vacated jobs, than by any actual difference in ideology or approach…

      Thank you for joining-in…


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